Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Background Designs

Digital backgrounds painted in photoshop. Part of the concept art of my second year short film group production "Flotsam".

These backgrounds were made for the feature film "Friends Forever". The final backgrounds in the film however contain less detail and texture.

Hand painted watercolour background and close-up. These background designs were part of a 90 second shortfilm project in my first year at university.

3D digital background build in Maya. This is my first exercise of building a basic and simple 3 dimensional background.

Character Design

This character represents a backpacker. I created this character for some short animation sequences which are also included in my show reel. I also planned to use this character for some animation short films.

The facial expression also show her in various moods and from different perspectives and express her personality.

As she represents a typical backpacker, I made different poses which show her on different stages of her travels: e.g. her life on road trips being packed in the car amongst the luggage, carrying her backpack and even sleeping on it at night to prevent it from being stolen. Furthermore she is shown going hiking, climbing, swimming and snorkeling. Other poses express her dedication to go job hunting and her working in different jobs such as pruning or fruit picking and packing.

Monday, 30 November 2009


Structure figures. These drawings were part of a booklet of a Copic Ciao pencil set.

Pencil Drawing. I created this drawing as part of a project which focused on the characterization of people's personalities by their hands. These hands represent an elderly woman whose hands are marked by her age and who is starting to look for protection and security which is expressed by the devices of a pair of gloves and an umbrella.

Live Drawing. For this pencil drawing I had several items as option. The theme was to create a metamorphosis of an organic item with an inorganic one. I chose a pumpkin and a spoon as I thought they combine nicely by letting the spoon represent the pumpkin's leaf.

Diverse Projects

Cover & two extract pages of a coloured comic. I created this comic using mixed media. The largest part is painted using watercolour pencils, however for the parts which simulate Japanese woodcut I used ink on Japanese grasspaper. Also the background decoration paintings in the cover are actual ink paintings to make it look more authentic.
With this comic I took part in the German competition "Manga Talente 2005" and was awarded with the first prize.

Oil painting: "Gleam of Light" (100cm x 70cm). This is my very first oil painting which I created for the participation at the Arts and Culture Competition Baden-Württemberg. My work succesfully entered the exhibition gallery in Karlsruhe/Germany.

Poster design, mixed media. This is part of my commission work which I completed in 2006. The poster advertised an Asian exhibition at the German Übersee Museum in Bremen showing the contrast of modernity and culture.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Concept Art of Short Film Idea

This is some concept art of a 90 seconds short film idea. The story is set in an agricultural vinyard valley in the season of autumn. A little girl called Noodle Dawn goes out to harvest pumpkins with her older brother Hanzel. An accident makes them lose almost all their crop, but one pumkin remains...

The story idea was inspired by a German folk song which is about a very tall boy and a small chubby girl picking pears; so I wanted my characters to resemble this description and started off by drawing very rough shapes for their body stucture and the kind of location where the story takes place.

Concept art of location. The the colours are very warm to create the feeling of a nice day in autumn.

Concept drawings mainly to characterize the boy and the girl

Storyboard extracts

Coloured concept art